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Holster Styles

Western Holsters are characterized by one of four main styles. The first three are of the Old West, while the Buscadaro is generally considered to be of the movie and TV West.

All Holsters are lined and come with a hammer thong unless noted. More options available at the bottom of the page.


The cowboys of the mid-1800's most often used a holster in which the back flap was folded over and slits were cut in the leather to form one or two horizontal straps to secure the holster and provide the belt loop. It is available right or left hand, straight or cross draw and in a variety of barrel lengths

Mexican Loop Holster

Shown with edge stamping and  concho


The "DUKE" style holster is reminiscent of the holsters worn by John Wayne in many of his movies. It is based on an early Texas design with an abbreviated flap turned over to form the belt loop with a strap added across the holster to secure it. This is an excellent place to "dress up" your holster with conchos, bead work or other decoration.


Duke Style Holster - Straight or Cross draw


The Texas T Strap holster is an old design from the U.S. Southwest featuring a "T" shaped loop to secure the holster to the back flap. A different look on the age-old question of how to carry your pistols on your belt. Very nice with the old style incised carving.

Texas T Holster

Shown with optional deluxe edge stamping and concho


The "Slim Jim" holster is copied from the old black powder holsters for the percussion revolvers. Today it is designed to fit any modern cartridge revolver as well as the cap and ball guns. It has a sewn loop on the back and looks great floral carved or with other decoration.

Slim Jim Holster

Shown with optional incised carving


Designed for the SASS shooter in the "Wild Bunch" category, this holster is designed to carry your 1911 pistol easily accessible for a quick draw. A safety strap is included to lock the gun in place except while on the firing line. Matching magazine pouches and belt are available.

Wild Bunch

Shown with optional edge stamping and concho


Steve McQueen played Josh Randall in the TV Series "Wanted: Dead or Alive" from 1958 till 1961. This is a reproduction of the holster worn featuring a hook for the saddle ring along with a leather-covered spring steel "C" loop around the forearm. May be ordered to fit over a 3" or smaller gun belt or with slots to slide on up to a 1 3/4" belt, specify which when ordering. See the "Wanted: Dead or Alive" gun rig in the gun belt section.

Wanted Dead or Alive

MARE'S LEG - $325

Designed to carry the Mare's Leg pistol in a full Mexican Loop style holster, this holster is fully-lined with 3 loops securing it to the flap. It includes a concho on the top loop and has a leg tie-down strap to assist in keeping the holster in place during the draw. It will fit over up to a 3" gun belt. May also be ordered as part of the "Wanted:Dead or Alive" gun rig. Steve McQueen called his gun a Mare's "Leg" because she handled like a hog leg, with more kick!

Mare's Laig Holster

Shown without standard concho


Designed for the Cowboys of the Silver Screen, the Buscadaro Holster was seen on Gene, Roy, Hoppy and others. This design is worn on the drop loop Buscadaro Belt as either a single or double gun rig. Seen most often with a buckled loop connecting the holster to the back flap. May be carved, basket-stamped, with added conchos or spots for that Silver Screen look! Price includes a leg tie-down thong, a buckled tie-down strap is available at an extra charge.


Single Buscadaro

As Shown - $ 554.75


The Oklahoma Rig is an example of the Buscadaro Style Holster and Belt.

Oklahoma Rig

DOC HOLIDAY - Cowboy Shoulder Holster - $175

Similar to the movie "Tombstone", the Doc Holiday is a shoulder holster designed for open carry. Specify the revolver you will be using, I may need it to custom fit the holster.

Doc Holiday Holster

Shown with optional concho

Pommel Holster  


For the Mounted Shooter or trail rider. The Pommel Holster mounts over the saddle horn and attaches to the saddle "D" rings and or cinch to provide a handy, easily accessible holster for a single action six gun. Very competitive for SASS or CMSA mounted shooter.  Double Pommel Holsters are also available

Pommel Holster

Shown with optional edge stamping


Western Derringer

Western Style

Shown with optional Basketweave stamping and concho


Your derringer may be carried on your gun belt or with a loop through your suspenders. Specify the make with your order and how you will carry it. All derringer holsters are unlined.

Derringer Holster

Concealed Carry Belt Buckle Style


Holsters are lined (except Derringer) and come with a hammer thong.

Holsters are available right, left or cross-draw at no additional charge.

Holsters with a simple Border Stamp - ADD $ 17

Holsters with Deluxe Border Stamp - ADD $ 65

Fish scale Stamping or Basket weave on any Holster (except Derringer) - ADD $75

Floral Carving (except Derringer) - ADD $100

Fish scale Stamping or Basket weave for Derringer - ADD $40

Floral Carving Derringer - ADD $60

Nickel or Brass Spots - Outline Holster - ADD $60

Nickel or Brass Spots - Heavy Coverage - ADD $90

Toe Plug on any Holster - ADD $30

Conchos (per each) - SEE CONCHO PRICING

Unlined Holster - DEDUCT $20

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